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The writing figuratively as " Zi " is no longer appropriate as this. To enter the realm of the realm of freedom in some bondage , it is a very difficult road . Once involved in the "grid" , we know the " Oliver bounds ," but every step will give you unexpected joy.

If counting from the first manuscript to participate in the work of the newspapers , I " Zi " in the history of over 35 years christian louboutin outlet online store. During experienced bitters , to say the least , only knew .

1963 I came to the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps four divisions from the Shanghai branch side , UNRWA wood factory when culture and education . During the day put the radio, do bulletin boards , distributing newspapers and letters, while the next workshop and workers labor power , while collecting good deeds , night burning the midnight oil on writing . Sent to the manuscript as ignored, no news . Occasionally received several letters reply , are also " does not intend republication christian louboutin outlet online store" of the type of rejection notice , that taste really makes people uncomfortable.

I am not discouraged , still tirelessly " Zi " , repeatedly voted back repeatedly , repeatedly voted back repeatedly , and perseverance . Finally in August 1964 for the first time the manuscript into a type . At that time , was very excited and excited, the thing I read in the newspapers newsletter scribe pull on the black newspaper , so that the workers could have seen the whole plant . I quietly clippings folder in an envelope , along with love letters together Shaoji love my girlfriend, a wife .

Since then, it can not be closed , in addition to meeting the learning , every night , " Zi " into the night. Later, I was transferred to the Agency's authority when the Information Officer , under the day riding a bicycle grassroots interview with the evening rush on writing to the office . As an article published in the press at all levels , leading to me getting discouraged , in 1970 sent me to help Xinjiang Daily newsroom work . This is a rare opportunity to learn , I worked day and night and threw himself into the interview , writing, editing work ashamed . At that time his wife are having a baby christian louboutin outlet online store , the newspaper interview, let me back side edge care Ili wife, children not yet a full moon , I'm in a hurry to return to the newspaper. ( Prose reading :

By chance , I was transferred to the Xinjiang People's Radio Station Ili reporters round for many years , " Reporters dream ." Reporter 's special status, seems to aggravate the hands of the pen weight. In order to live up to the expectations of the party and the people, I work harder , in-depth factory floor, went to the rural and pastoral areas , visit villages , traveling throughout the Ili River Valley, have written a large number of messages , communication, interview. In addition to the radio broadcast , but have been in the "People's Daily ", " Guangming Daily", " Worker's Daily ", " China Youth Daily ", " Xinjiang Daily", " Yili Daily", " national unity ", " Xinjiang Youth " and other published in the press , some were appraised winners , some christian louboutin outlet online store elected "national short news election ," a book .

10-year career as a reporter in the station , so I deeply feel , in the hands of the pen has multiple , how tired climb on graph paper , then sent to the manuscript , soaked with sweat and how much effort ! In order to write draft, written draft, often a month did not come home on the countryside , with little regard family . For this reason, I often feel guilty about - his wife's affection owe too much, too little love to his daughter ......

After 1986 , I transferred back to Urumqi , Xinjiang People's Radio worked in the news department, chief editor's office and Xinjiang radio and television newsroom work , either when the head or when the director , has not dropped in the hands of the pen . I was so obsessed with the hands the pen , so obsessed with the lamp " Zi " , the dead of night , quietly .

To the newsroom for 5 years , in addition to the daily operational work grasp the editorial department , organized two special editions , but also take advantage of the holidays and at night time , locked up in a small study, reading newspaper earnest , hard " Zi . " Sometimes writes midnight , just lie down and sleep , my mind suddenly pop out a punch line , immediately dressed bed , and quickly recorded on paper christian louboutin outlet online store. Sometimes early morning exercises , sudden inspiration , and immediately ran home , hastily written on some .

In this way, the past five years, has published more than 180 essays , essays . The encouragement of friends , help and support young people from the Xinjiang Publishing House published "Life Essay ," a book .

35 years of unremitting diligence pen , painstaking " Zi ", " Wide pine " , graying at the temples , often tired dizziness , back pain . Met his wife , always distressed to persuade : " almost retired, but also all day long ' Zi ', written enough, totally exhausted body how to do ? " I am speechless , laugh. Because I love writing, like this chore , Zaikuzailei willingly, no regrets.

In fact , " Zi " bitter have fun , there are worries christian louboutin outlet online store more hi. Every time I see his article published in the paper , the letters whenever received an enthusiastic letter from a reader , when bringing home a shiny red books award certificate , my heart is filled with joy and consolation , during the joy and happiness is unspeakable .